Surveillance Systems

The best just got better! REBTEK Consulting has been a fast growing company within the past ten years, excelling in the SURVEILLANCE industry.

The success of the company has been driven on our promotion of excellence in all areas from customer service to our products. After ten years the company has expanded its products from the latest and best cameras to Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR). When you think you cannot improve our products anymore we still continue to make then even better.

Our products speak for themselves on their reliability and quality. We back up all our products to be the highest in quality and durability. Our cameras and surveillance equipment go through rigorous testing to ensure that they will put up any type of severe conditions.

Time and time again we are able to boast about having the biggest and best variety of security equipment to meet all your needs. We have the largest selection of NVR, DVR, cameras, monitors, VCRs, lenses, switches, quads and multiplexers. Also REBTEK supplies all network hardware and wiring, in order to set up and program a Network Video Recording project.

Our System installers and engineering stuff offer you the state of the art on surveillance system set up and installation including wiring, testing, wall fish cabling, setup and configuration letting our customers drive the system locally or reaching their locations remotely and virtually via the internet using client software and computers and video phone devices.

Come and see how we can be the solution to your problems. Many years of experience can change your business.

The surveillance projects from us to our Customers include:

  • Free Estimates
  • Analyze the field to install the NVR, DVR and Cameras
  • NVR & DVR Equipment (PC Based, Stand Alone, Monitor, TV-Out, Audio, Networking)
  • State of the Art NVR & DVR Software
  • Cameras according the building environment and Customer needs:


    • IP Network Cameras
    • Infrared Cameras
    • Dome Cameras
    • Bullet and Body Cameras
    • PTZ Cameras for all Protocols
    • Max TVL resolution
    • Max. Protocol Compress [H264]
    • Min Lux for no IR Cameras
    • Eyeball Cameras
    • Vandal Proof and Water Proof Cameras
    • PTZ Cameras
    • Hidden Cameras
    • Housing and Mounts


  • Setup and Installation
  • Remote Viewing via Internet from any Computer or Smart Phone
  • Wiring (Coax, Cat5e, Audio/Video Cable, Power Siamese Cable, Fiber)
  • Wall Fishing Cable Running according the Code
  • LAN and WAN Network Configuration
  • Training and Tech. Support
  • Warranty for equipment and Labor

Now is the right time to contact us in order to schedule an appointment to analyze and develop the best surveillance solutions for your security business needs.


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